DE-CAY  In physics, when a radioactive substance decays, it does not become damaged, nor transition to a worse state, but simply changes to a different form, during the process of which it produces radiation.  The repossession of decay as a nutritious, productive process is explored through casting live matter, cultivating  weirdness  through time-casting mosses, lichens and mycelium in epoxy resin. In their sped-up micro-lifespans, The foraged bacterial matter naturally feeds off rotting or decomposing plant matter. Through the curing process, they are subject to sped-up processes of decomposition at the same time as they are cultivated. They are growing at the top as they are dying at their base, forming strange fractal distortions between growth and decomposition.    The project is collected and decayed from samples and observations of the ancient garden of Saiho-Ji in Kyoto. Experiments for something bigger.
Garden of Imperfections_Polaroids_Kirsty Badenoch.jpg
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