FLOOD MITIGATION MASTERPLAN  New Lohachara is a masterplan for a new sustainable hydro-city, centered around the preservation of disappearing lands and cultures in the face of rising sea levels. The project explores an architecture that augments nature: Architecture as [Super]Nature. Through investigating the potentials offered by a changing world, the project embraces climate change as inevitable, and seeks new positive opportunities created by it.  The manifestation of Supernature within New Lohachara is split into three parts, each of which harnesses a natural water condition and state an re-explores it as an architectural process.  The urban-scale proposal re-engineers the principals of the water cycle, relieving Venice from rising sea levels through a series of giant wells that store and process excess floodwater from the lagoon, forming a protective ring around Venice. The flood mitigation system looks at a long-term reactive strategy that embraces water intake and balances extreme seasonal water fluctuations.
    “Lohachara” refers to a small Indian island that disappeared beneath the rising seas a decade ago. The narrative of the project adopts these “first refugees of global warming” as the inhabitants and missionaries of the new city. Constructed in embrace of water, New Lohachara is dedicated to the “saving” of other endangered lands from their similar impending fate of disappearance beneath the rising seas, and in doing so simultaneously revives the ancient civilisation of the lost island of Lohachara.  “New Lohachara” manifests itself as the City of 1000 Wells across the 1000 globally most endangered sites with reference to Italo Calvino’s Invisible City, Isaura.   
 The series of Well megastructures intake, store and process excess flood waters from the lagoon in a slow attenuation and dispersal system excavated as a series of staggered reservoirs that react to tidal intake and fluctuation over the course of the year.  The drained flood water is processed from brackish to freshwater and stored at the base of the well.  It is periodically distilled in great boilers and rises to the surface as steam. The water vapour collects as clouds and is transported to Venice. It is then force precipitated over Venice and collected as the new local freshwater supply in completion of the re-engineered water cycle.    
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