PRESERVATION OF VENICE  The New Lohacharian Wells are sited around Venice as a notorious and fantastical land impeded by the rising seas.  The wells sit protectively, almost invisibly around Venice, touching the city lightly. Venice views New Lohachara as ephemeral, as a shifting skyscape of cloud and water. This immaterial border is celebrated in a mutual festival of water that marks the modified seasonal shift as a common territory.  Weather modification utilises natural weather principles to create a “supernatural” weather system, a modified local landscape of cloud and rain that moves between New Lohachara and Venice through wind-control positioning and ionic charging.
    The ancient masterplan of the city of Venice as a great rainwater collector is reintroduced, re-purposing the ancient wells in the campos as rainwater-collectors.    Utilising ionisation as a method of attraction and forced precipitation, the freshwater cloud is collected in great chandeliers that hang delicately above the Venetian wells, creating a dynamic performative sky-scape above the old. The water cycle is celebrated and brought into focus as a miraculous ediface.
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