Finally returned from a three-week trip to Iceland. The primary study was of the volcanic island of Vestmannyjaer, to understand more of the 1973 eruption that overnight spawned a mountain from a meadow, and slowly engulfed the entire fishing town in lava and ash. Met some amazing people who recounted touching stories of memory and endurance, fighting lava with seawater for months on end, and digging their houses from mountains of ash and silt. A quite eerie and barren meeting of new and old lands, with some of the closest constituents to Mars dust, and some bleak moments where we wondered if we would have any toes left by the time we got home. But despite a number of storms, cancelled flights, and abandonments on the roadside, we made it back to tell the tale and updates will follow shortly in the research section, together with fresh material toward a new drawing series.

Mars Dust