Kirsty Badenoch is an architect working between the realms of landscape, urbanism and the imaginary. Developing though research-led practice, teaching and artistic investigation, her work centres around the dynamic relationship between the natural and the manmade, exploring fluid geographies and the interplaying forces that shape a place.

Kirsty has taught and exhibited architectural drawing in London, New York, Oslo and Denmark, and currently teaches Design for BSc Architecture and Interdisciplinary Studies at The Bartlett. She has won numerous awards for her drawings including the RIBA Presidents Medal Sargeant Award for Drawing 2013, and in 2012 she co-founded the illustration collective, Drawn by Numbers.

Her ongoing research into fluid natures, unpredictability and the passage of time upon the landscape has received extensive support from the Danish Arts Foundation from 2014 to 2018, developed through international residencies, collaborations, conferences and exhibitions.

She has practiced Architecture and Landscape in leading architectural studios including SLA Landscape and Urbanism and BIG Copenhagen, and is currently employed at Periscope, London. She is a founding member of the urban research collective, Hatch Col.


Full resume and portfolio available upon request.


Architect Cand.Arch / ARB